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Read an E-Book Week on DriveThruComics

It's Read an E-Book Week at!

E-book information and free e-books define Read an E-Book Week. From March 7-13th major e-book retailers and authors offer free, or deeply discounted e-books for the event.

At check out these free comics:

Darkness - Pitt #1 - Top Cow Productions
Vampire Apocalypse: Prologue - New Baby Productions
Digital Visions #1 - Visionary Comics
Erstwhile #0 - Strawberry Comics
Ork Lycantrophis #1 - Cinemacomics
Witchblade #1 - Top Cow Productions
The Searchers #1 - Caliber Comics

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Featured Reviews at DriveThruComics

Featured Reviews at

Dead Future #1 - Grim Crew
Killing Pickman #1 - Archaia Comics
Killing Pickman #2 - Archaia Comics
Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne - Tor Books
The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks - 2000 AD
Robotika - Archaia Comics
2012: Final Prayer - Heske Horror
Indego Blue #1 - Saint James Comics
DragonArt - FW Media
Lemuria #1 - Phantasmic Tales is looking for folks interested in reviewing our digital comics on their fansites, podcasts and other media. If you are interested in writing reviews of a variety of small press and indie comics e-mail

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DriveThruComics Holiday Sale!

In celebration of the holidays DriveThruComics and our publishing partners are offering an additional 10% off of selected products from now until the New Year!

DriveThruComics Holiday Sale

This sale includes comics & books from 2000 AD, Alterna Comics, Apex Book Company, Heske Horror, Nifty Comics, King Tractor Press, Octane Comics, Green Ronin, Jester Press, Story Studios...and many more!

As a special bonus, you can get Johnny Saturn #1 from Story Studios Free for a limited time!

For the complete list of sale items check out today!

Hundreds of Comics For Sale!

Hundreds of comics for sale at my LiveJournal!

Many priced at 60 cents or less! Almost all priced under 1 dollar!

I will charge for shipping only what the post office charges me! No handling fees!

Right now I have all my Batman and Archie comics listed. More comics from DC, Marvel, and other publishers will be listed soon.

Archie comics & digests for sale!

Batman comics & graphic novels for sale!

Thanks for looking!
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X-Men Comic RPG

Out Of Nothing X-Men RPG
It is a dangerous time to carry the X-gene. M-Day has depowered all but a few hundred mutants. Mutant hate groups threaten even those remaining few. A mutant messiah has been born and hunted. Xavier’s School has been destroyed ….again. This time, it seems that Xavier’s dream has been destroyed with it. The X-Men are left searching for a new dream to believe in and a new war to wage. Relocating across the country, they’re attempting to rebuild their team, their lives and their dream… out of nothing.

Fandom: X-Men Comic (616)
Opened: November 10, 2008
Age Limit: 18+
Characters Most Wanted: Dazzler, Dust, Mercury, Moonstar (depowered), Nightcrawler, Prodigy (depowered), Rockslide, Sunspot, Wolfsbane. Any logical mutant/x-man we didn't think of, just ask!
Restricted: OCs. Villains. Telepathic, Mind Control, Reality Warping, and Time Travel powers. For a complete list of restricted characters, contact out_of_c0ntext at insanejournal
Contact: out_of_c0ntext at insanejournal for more information, access to friends-only rp content or an application. Please give your email address and aim username for us to contact you directly.