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{@ what's the deal with this community? |
This is a place for comic lovers to talk about all things comic related! From serious discussions to crazy fangirl/fanboy ramblings about who's hot and who's not, anything goes! Post your icons, graphics, comic and movie reviews, music videos, opinions, rants, raves, general bitching, and... well... anything!

{@ what's are the community guidelines? |
We don't really have RULES, but it's a good idea to remember the following:

01 -- Don't be a jerk. Play nice, kiddies!
02 -- If your post contains *SPOILERS*, you MUST put it behind a cut.
03 -- Don't dump on someone's fandom just because YOU don't like it.
04 -- That's pretty much it! Have fun! :)


{@ what should I post? help! |
Here are some helpful suggestions to help you get started:

01 -- What are your favorite comics/characters, and why?
02 -- What first got you into comics?
03 -- What comic book movies do you love/hate, and why?
04 -- Have you got any fanart? If so, post it!
05 -- Who are your favorite writers/artists?

{@ now that you've got an idea... GO AHEAD AND POST!


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Here is a list of affiliate journals/communities that are totally awesome:

iconzicons -- IconzIcons Icons & Music Videos: For all your icon needs! ZOMFG!
macabremovies -- Macabre Movies: For lovers of horror movies, scares, and gore!

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Would you like to affiliate with us, post or comment to let us know!
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Chances are, it won't be a problem, and then you'll be cool by association! Bad ass!

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